My First Published Book: The Shelton Mill

Ellen Larkin longs to write a blockbuster exposé. As Senior Investigative Reporter at the Boston Chronicle, she covers political and business crimes affecting the citizens of Massachusetts—and dreams of winning a Pulitzer Prize. 

When the Chronicle lays Ellen off, she is heartbroken. Driven by her near-empty bank account and the needs of her ailing mother, she applies for a job at Gargantua, a lucrative recruitment website headquartered in the Shelton Mill. Before she even gets the job, she stumbles upon clues that link the company to illegal venture capital stolen from Boston’s Big Dig project. Is this the story she’s dreamed of writing?

Boston’s Irish and Italian mobs, looking to cash in on Gargantua’s profits, will stop at nothing to halt Ellen’s investigation. With the help of two unconventional co-workers at Gargantua, can she uncover the truth before the crooks silence her forever?

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